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Tesla Lumbar Support (1) Pillow & Neck Pillows (2) Uniquely Designed For Tesla Model Y/3/X/S Lower Back Support Cushion Camping Pillow Genuine Leather Black

Color: Lumbar Lower Back Pillow
  • The package includes (1) easy to clean pillow Lumbar pillow -- Neck Pillow sold separately (2 pack). To clean it just wipe it with the alcohol-free wet tissue and then use the dry tissue to dry it.
  • Material: The inside filling is imported pearl cotton and the outer cover is genuine Nappa leather that matches the Tesla car seat.
  • Safety: These Tesla lumbar pillows materials have all passed SGS tests for heavy metal and formaldehyde.
  • Adjustable Thickness: The lumbar pillow can be thickness adjusted to suit your personal preference and ensure full support for your lower back. We make it fully thick to ensure that if you don't want it to be thick you can take some fillers out.
  • Distinctive Features: The excellent workmanship in this product closely matches the high-quality Tesla standard. It's not only a lumbar pillow, it can be used as a bed pillow when you go camping. We make it larger to ensure that it will be comfortable when it's a camping pillow.


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