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MILLTEK SPORT: Active Sound Control - Single | Dual Engine Kits (Tesla Models S,3,X)

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We will personally help you source the installation process with our partnered installation teams and get you the best deal possible.

Electronic exhaust systems that can be installed on EV's and hybrids to make them sound like they have a V8/V12, sounds like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Muscle Cars, or even your favorite Star Wars ships.  

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Active Sound from Milltek Sport is an innovative solution to enable a user-controllable exhaust sound to be made on vehicles that traditionally lack the sound and tone that owners desire; suitable for a wide range of vehicles, the growing range includes Hybrids and EV's. Including 8 selectable sound files, volume, pitch, and tone adjustment with user-configurable profiles all controlled via Milltek’s own iPhone or Android app.


The generator is mounted to the rear chassis rail using holes that are pre-existent and the control module wires into the CAN-BUS connections to read throttle position and road speed – this is what the module uses to create a sound of that of an engine under the same load. Instruction manuals included for DIY projects.


We have 10 sound files available at present, all of which can be tuned to what the customer would prefer. At present they are just ‘engine sounds’ but we will be adding electronic sounds as new files to play with in the future. We offer free over the air updates via the Active Sound app to add the new files.




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