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Durable & Stylish Tesla Car Seat Covers

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  • Tesla Model 3 Leather Seat Covers - S3XY Models

    Tesla Model 3 Leather Seat Covers


    Custom-fit for Tesla Model 3, precisely measured and tailored to get OEM-like fit. Includes: (2) Front Seat covers (1) Front center armr...

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  • Dog Car Door Protectors | Tesla Model S/3/X/Y


    CAR DOOR SHIELD: Our expertly engineered, heavy-duty car door cover protects the interior of Tesla, shielding from dirty paws, sharp claws...

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You never know when you or one of your passengers could spill a drink or drop something sharp along your Tesla’s interior—and it’s always a nightmare to clean. Worst of all, your beautiful, sleek seats are never the same afterward. But, by equipping your vehicle with the right Tesla car seat covers, you’ll never need to worry about the potential damage again.

We at S3XY Models™ understand the importance of keeping your Tesla protected. That’s why we’ve set out to provide some of the most accommodating Tesla car seat protectors on the market. Along with being constructed to match the OEM seat look, they’re made of highly durable PU Leather, they are airbag and seatbelt safe, and they come in a wide range of colors/patterns to match your desired look. We even offer specialized Tesla Seat Covers, so you can take your best friend with you everywhere without the hassle of cleaning up after them.



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